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contoh curriculum vitae versi bahasa inggris buat petro chemical


1.        PT. Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia
          Nature of Business     :         Polymer Plant
          Address                    :         Jl. Raya Merak, Desa Gerem.
                                                   Kecamatan Grogol – Merak
                                                   Banten 42438 - Indonesia
          Inclusive Dates          :         March 16, 1995 to Dec 1, 2008
          Units Handled            :         Melt State Polycondensation (MSP)
                                                   Solid State Polycondensation (SSP)
                                                   Steam Boiler & Hot oil system.
          Position                    :         Field Operator (1995-1997)
                                                   Process Control Operator (1997-2004)
                                                   Lead Operator (2004-2008)
          Duties/Job Description :
·         Control the Condensate Reaction and Distillation Unit.
·         Carries out production plans and objective efficiently and safely within quality standards.
·         Ensures optimum product yields and maximum federate are achieved by monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing the process.
·         Develops or updates process operating guidelines used as general reference on the plants assigned.
·         Checks results of product sample tests and makes adjustment in unit conditions as necessary to obtain desired specifications.
·         Accepts training assignments that may be required to improve knowledge on existing or new equipment and safety and work standards.
·         Defines and sets necessary operating condition changes to optimize the plants operation.
·         Shutdown or start-up units/equipment during shift and gives appropriate orders to field operators after coordinating with other DCS Operator and with the Shift Supervisor.
·         Coordinates testing of major instrumentation equipment, such as DCS, Fire and Gas Alarm System, etc.
·         Provides training Support services to other plant operators, and other technical staffs.
·         Ensures controllers, alarm summary, and process parameters in the DCS panel, as well as control room mounted instruments and process variables, are in good order.
·         Ensures the efficiency of the field operators under my technical supervision.
·         Discuss with the Shift Supervisor regarding plant problems on ways to improve plant operation.
·         Proficient in optimizing plant operations.
·         Has knowledge in using Microsoft Office programs.
·         Proficient in writing guidelines and procedures.

2.        Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Co.
          Nature of Business     :         Monomer Plant
          Address                    :         PO. Box 10302, Al-Jubail city
                                                   31961 – Saudi Arabia
          Inclusive Dates          :         Dec 1, 2008 to recently
          Units Handled            :         Ethylene Carbonate Plant
                                                   Dimethyl Carbonate Plant
                                                   CO2 Package unit and Vacuum Unit
                                                   Incinerator & Methanol chiller unit

          Position                    :         Inside Operator/Act as lead operator
          Duties/Job Description :        

·         Authorizes or co-signs maintenance work requests. Checks and follows-up maintenance work of equipment in the unit.
·         Provide check list of firefighting and personal protective equipment.
·         Participates in safety audits and programs and provide emergency response when required.
·         Operates computerized control panel from a central control room to monitor and optimize processes for several processing units.
·         Controls process start-up, shutdown and troubleshooting.
·         Corrects and adjusts operating parameters to meet operating requirements.
·         Responsible for safe, efficient, continuous and correct operation of EC/DMC and Common. Works in coordination with Field Operators and Shift Supervisors.
·         Develops operator procedures for normal operation, start-up or shut-down of unit.
·         Works also in a team with shared supervisory responsibilities and participate in training other workers.
·         Prepare Work permit for maintenance job.
·         Preparing Document for pre-commissioning and commissioning start up such as Detail activity, activity list, WEFS, SOP leak test, SOP of flushing, SOP of Hot water and Cold water operation.
·         Reviewed SOP of Normal Operation, Shutdown operation, start up operation and Emergency operation
Senior High school, May 1994
SMAN Wotu – South Sulawesi

Diploma 1 of English
Lembaga Bahasa LIA
Afliasi Cilegon.


Date of Birth             :         29 February 1976
Nationality                :         Indonesia
Civil Status                :         married
E-mail Address                     :         byan76@gmail.com,
Mobile Phone             :         966-534404798
Special Skills             :         Non Linear Video Editing.

·         First Aid & CPR – Saudi Kayan Training Center Al-Jubail, 05 July 2009.
·         Work Permit – Saudi Kayan Training Center Al-Jubail, 15 July 2009.
·         Industial Hygiene & Health Risk Assesment – Saudi Kayan Training Center Al-Jubail , 28 June 2009.
·         Car seal & Blinds – Saudi Kayan Training Center Al-Jubail, 8 August 2009.
·         SAP Production – Saudi Kayan Training Center Al-Jubail, 10 November 2009.
·         SAP Production Packaging – Saudi Kayan Training Center Al-Jubail , 11 November 2009.
·         LIMS Laboratory Managements System– Saudi Kayan Training Center Al-Jubail, 15 December 2009.
·         General introduction and Operator of Yokogawa Centum CS 3000R- Yokogawa Jubail July 25-29, 2009.
·         Centum – XL Fundamental of Yokogawa - Yokogawa Engineering Indonesia December 1-5, 1997.
·         Breathing Apparatus – Fire Safety Institute Indonesia- April 2, 2002.
·         Small Crane training – Indonesia Department of Labor –April 23, 2007.
·         Steam Boiler training – Indonesia Department of Labor –September 4, 2003.
·         Shoopfloor Leadership – Productivity & Quality Management Consultant – March 13 - 14, 2007.
·         Safety action employees can take – DuPont Safety Resources Asia Pacific, May. 14 - 15, 2007.
·         Emergency Respond Training by Karakatau Steel Co. Indonesia. Dec 12 - 13, 2007.
·         Outbound Management Training conducted Outbound Management Training System. on April 11 – 15, 2001.
·         Training Computer of Microsoft  office conducted Indonesia Computer Education Institue. on Aug 27, 1994 – Jan 14, 1995.

Rewards & Achievements:
·         Bronze Quality Medal in Indonesian Quality Convention. on Nov 29 – Dec 3, 2004.
·         Silver Quality Medal in Indonesian Quality Convention. on Nov 11 – 14, 2008.
·         Exceptional Deeds for Early detection of abnormal noise & Vibration from Chip Cutter B. in PT. Mitsubishi Chemical on May 2008.
·         Exceptional Deeds for Early detection of SSP Cooler jacket water leakage. in PT. Mitsubishi Chemical on June 2008.
·         Vocal point of Loop Check and functional test DCS for EC/DMC Plant.
·         Vocal point of Simulator training DCS for EC/DMC Plant.

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