Kamis, 04 April 2013

Interview with bejo (english version)

Tanpa sengaja bejo yang sedang jalan-jalan di kota Jakarta bertemu dengan salah satu reporter TV luar negeri. Reporter tersebut ingin mendengar komentar penduduk asli Indonesia tentang kondisi Indonesia. Berikut cuplikan wawancaranya :

Reporter : Hi

Bejo: Hello

Reporter: Do u speak English

Bejo : Little-little sich I can.

Reporter : Do u mind if I interview u

Bejo : No, I don’t have a mind

Reporter: What's your name?

Bejo : Bejo

Reporter : Sex?

Bejo : I love it but Only with my wife

Reporter : oh no, I meant male or female?

Bejo (yelling) : what do u think? arggggghhhh

Reporter : it's just for the sake of the report. Never mind...male....

Bejo : yes male..and I can prove it any time u want

Reporte r: No, thanks, I'll take ur word for it.So. How do u find life here in Indonesia ?

Bejo : Indonesia..Very nice country...nice food..Monas

Reporter : Oh well..beside the food and the Monas! ...what else do u like in ur country?

Bejo : Monas…Taman Mini…Ancol…Ragunan..very-very good

Reporter : DO YOU WORK?

Bejo: Yes oh yes baby..

Reporter: What do u think about the traffic problem in Jakarta ?

Bejo : Very big problem..very much cars..u see?..but our new gubernur is trying to make it better..

Reporter: What about the economic problems in Indonesia ?

Bejo: I do not understand what u say

Reporter: I mean..how do u deal with money problems in Indonesia?

Bejo : Indonesia very rich country...we have a lot of gold in monas..alot of water in ancol

Reporter: So do u make a lot of money?

Bejo : No no.. it is not legal to make money..one frend I know make money at home..and he go to jail..if u make money at home.. you will go to jail

Reporter : let me rephrase..since indonesia is a rich country.. do u have a lot of money?

Bejo: me? I ..Not a lot…..but I eat and drink enough Alhamdulillah?

Reporter: Then where does all the money go?

Bejo : really I don’t know..you can ask cashier? Or bank employees

Reporter: And what does the government do with the money?

Reporter: Thank you very much for ur time Mr. Bejo

Bejo : No problem

Reporter: Nice to meet you..

Bejo : ok ok No problem…

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